Civil Society Development is one of the main priorities of Uluchay’s Program Development and Implementation Unit. Uluchay specializes in three specific areas within this priority:

• Capacity building of civil society organizations
Uluchay uses innovative methodologies to develop the civil society organization’s capacity, specifically on topics such as: fundraising, financial sustainability, communication, project proposal development, budget development, working with stakeholders and many others. The organization has professional internal and external trainers for this purpose.

• Needs assessment of civil society organizations
Uluchay has experience in conducting the needs assessment of civil society organizations through adequate tools used by many international organizations. We are able to conduct the needs assessment on following topics: legal environment, institutional and capacity needs, internal policies & procedures, access to funding, governance and others.

• Policy development regarding the civil society issues
Uluchay has experience in conducting an independent research on civil society issues and developing policy and research papers for the government and other stakeholders in order to create an enabling environment for the civil society organizations. Detailed information about this work can be found in the Research page of our website.