Advocating for agriculture cooperatives in Azerbaijan

Advocating for agriculture cooperatives in Azerbaijan

On March 28, 2014, ‘Uluchay’ Social-Economic Innovation Center in cooperation with Think Tank Fund of Open Society Funds, organized a meeting with 20 farmers from different villages in Sheki.

The meeting was organized in order to clarify the current situation of Azerbaijan’s agricultural sector and discuss the recommendations prepared by ‘Uluchay’ for relevant government bodies associated with applying cooperative models for use in the  agricultural sectors of developed countries and to listen to the farmers’ ideas about cooperatives.  

During the meeting, discussions on the following topics were held: what is a cooperative, the importance of development cooperatives in the agricultural sector, people’s ideas about cooperatives and others. In addition, the participants, aside from discussing the draft law on cooperative of the Azerbaijan Republic, also got detailed information about the cooperative models existing in the agricultural sector of Germany and Israel.

As a result of the discussions, the farmers concluded that the development of agriculture requires new approaches. And the application of agricultural cooperatives will help to increase revenues and efficiency of people engaging in and with the agro sector. As well as, given the experience of European countries, the importance of establishment agro-banks supporting creation cooperatives, is  emphasized.

Farmers were informed about the reccomedations prepared by ‘Uluchay’ to relevant government bodies for the development of agro sector in the regions of Azerbaijan.