Gender Equality

Gender equality as one of the 17 Sustainable development goals, a collection of global goals set by United Nations Development Programme plays a great importance in the programs of Uluchay Social-Economic Innovation Center.

Uluchay has implemented different projects addressing the issue of gender equality.
Women were provided with trainings on business leadership, marketing, sales, finance management, business registration and establishment, carried out by Entrepreneurship Advisors of Uluchay. They have also received mentoring and business start up assistance.
One of the projects offered women a valuable knowledge on water and sanitary conditions. Uluchay has raised awareness on gender equality by organising workshops for men and women focusing on the importance of equality between men and women in household businesses.

These programs have enabled women to become more independent and  play a greater role in the society. They have increased their self confidence, leadership and management skills and their participation in decision making in their communities.

Uluchay has an extensive experience on delivering following services to women:

  • Provision of legal and psychological aid;
  • Provision of business development trainings;
  • Raising the awareness of women in gender equality and human rights;
  • Creating an enabling environment for women’s entrepreneurship, as well as equal business and employment opportunities;
  • Advocating women’s problems at local and regional levels through policy research.