Vagif Hasanov

Member of Board

Vagif A. Hassanov, at present, works as a Capacity Development Officer (CDO) with the USAID’s Socio-Economic Development Activity (SEDA) in Azerbaijan.  Prior to being CDO, he served as a Government Liaison Advisor with SEDA starting in 2012 where he was responsible for successful implementation of the project components on Strengthening the capacity of civil society organizations and Government of Azerbaijan (GOAJ) to engage with stakeholders on key socio-economic development issues and ensure integration of GOAJ participation across project overall.  He has also worked as a Project Manager for the Social Services Initiative in 2009-2010; Local Advocacy Manager/Local Government and Civic Engagement Officer with USAID’s Civil Society Project (CSP) in Azerbaijan executed by Counterpart International/Urban Institute/ICNL in 2006-2009; as a Project Coordinator of World Bank funded Community Empowerment Network (CEN) in 2004-2005; as a Training Coordinator for the UNDP’s NGO Resource & Training Center in Azerbaijan in 1998-2003; and Warehouse Manager/Deputy Project Manager of CARE International in Azerbaijan in 1994-1997.  In addition, in 2011, he has been involved with Counterpart International, as a Consultant on USAID’s IPACS-II program implemented in Afghanistan.  In 1999, he has undergone a course on “NGO Management” in Israel; in 2002, he conducted a research on “Strengthening Civil Society by Building Capacities of NGOs in the Countries of Transition” at the University of Pittsburgh, PA, US; and in 2011-2012, he studied Public Administration at the Kansas State University, KS, US.