Economic Development

The Economic Development of Azerbaijani regions and the people living there is one of the critical priorities of the “Uluchay” Social-Economic Innovation Center. Under this priority area, Uluchay provides business development sessions, technical start-up support for business ideas, and mentoring & counseling.
Uluchay specializes in the following economic development fields:

Uluchay is a professional organization with more than 15 years of provision of business education to a broader range of groups in regions of Azerbaijan. Specifically, Uluchay provides business leadership, business-plan writing, marketing, sales, business management, development, food security, and other relevant business topics to its beneficiaries.

The start-up support for business ideas of target groups is one of the innovative approaches Uluchay uses within its programs. For the last several years, Uluchay established more than 100 small-scale businesses led by youth, farmers, women, and other vulnerable groups, including prisoners, ex-prisoners, divorced and widowed women, and many other groups. Through start-up support, Uluchay is achieving life-changing moments for those people as this approach helps people have a new and, in most cases, the only one for them and their families.

Uluchay continuously supports founded businesses within its programs and provides long-term mentoring and counseling support for their development. For this purpose, Uluchay has several mentors and coaches working with beneficiaries and helping them to overcome challenges and develop their businesses.

Uluchay is working on developing the agriculture sector in regions within its programs and research activities. Uluchay is a professional organization providing capacity-building sessions for farmers and helping them identify new markets, technology, and value chain actors and producers. In addition, Uluchay is also an active organization in the promotion of agritourism and the food heritage of regions.