Uluchay specializes in the following economic development fields:

Agriculture Development

Uluchay has experienced experts and trainers in agriculture development issues. Business training, including business-plan writing, marketing, sales, business management, and development, as well as food security and establishment and development of cooperatives, are in the field of Uluchay’s expertise. Uluchay is also experienced in the development of linkages between local farmers and business owners with the local, regional and national markets.

Business start-up

Uluchay is the first local organization in Azerbaijan to provide start-up funding for young people to realize their business ideas. Within the last years, Uluchay has provided funding to more than 32 youth and youth groups to start their businesses.

Mentoring and counseling

Uluchay has several mentors and consultants, providing mentoring and counseling support to the business sector. Uluchay has previously provided relevant mentoring and counseling to all sub-grantees that received start-up funding from Uluchay.