As a policy research center, Uluchay’s work is unique in that we introduce new approaches for social change, including the awareness of economic, social and cultural rights.

Uluchay’s trademark is to work in coalitions and networks to strengthen social movements, especially as we forge cultural and cross-class alliances. As a policy think tank, our work is unique (in that we are bringing new approaches to social change including the awareness of economic, social and cultural rights) as we work with grass roots constituency (internally displaced persons, media structures, farm workers, private sector business owners, governmental entities, among others) and help bridge the policy think tank with activist networks and social movements.

Main Policy Research Areas: Business Environment, Civil Society Sector, Labour Policy, Gender Issues and Sosial Issues.

Policy Strategy

The overarching strategic objective of Uluchay is to conduct independent public policy research and analyses, compile the information and disseminate priority policy reform reports that will inform and guide regional governments’ legislative agenda for modernization of public policies and enable smooth and effective implementation of policies and programs.

As Centre of Excellence, Uluchay is:

  • Able to attract leading and committed researchers in the fields of social, economic and political matters
  • Respected by government, academia, media and the broader strategic studies’ community
  • Able to attract increased investment in research, policy studies, knowledge dissemination and awareness activities
  • Admired for setting standards
  • Governed by a forward-looking, dynamic and efficient leadership

As a Knowledge-driven policy research centre, Uluchay undertakes the following:

  • Focuses on policy oriented research and analysis
  • Excels at conducting research and analytical studies, leading to new insights and effective policy options
  • Nurtures genuine scholarly research and creativity
  • Promotes teamwork and engages in productive partnerships
  • Forges strong interdisciplinary programs

Uluchay strives to make a difference by:

  • Acting as bridge between civil society and policy makers.
  • Generating policy options for enhancing regional and national social, economic and political activism
  • Providing policy inputs through objective research and studies on polices affecting all levels of society