Public sector reform

Effectiveness and efficiency of services in public sector are vital to the success of development activities. To support public sector reforms, Uluchay is realizing specific programs, advocacy campaigns and also addressing issues through policy research. Uluchay is specifically addressing the issues related to the social and economic growth, transparency, efficiency and effectiveness, good governance and innovation and supporting their realization through campaigning at local and regional levels.

As a policy research center, Uluchay works as a bridge between local community and local and regional decision and policy makers. In order to ensure transparency and accountability of the public services, Uluchay also works as a watchdog organization.

To understand what works, what needs improvement and what is missing, Uluchay has implemented several policy research oriented projects providing an in-depth assessment of services of Sheki city Municipality. Changes in the public sector are ensured by monitoring and assessing the effectiveness of services of the Municipality.
Uluchay also provided capacity building opportunities to the local authorities in local, regional and international settings in order to expand their knowledge and learn about good practices elsewhere in the country and abroad.