Gender Equality

Gender Equality is one of the priority areas of “Uluchay” Social-Economic Innovation Center and an element used in all organization projects. Uluchay pays great importance to achieve gender equality in all aspects of women’s lives and implementing projects and research on this priority.
Uluchay works with the most vulnerable and marginalize group of women and provides support mechanisms for their well-being and development. The support mechanisms primarily include legal and psychological aid and business start-up support.
Through providing legal and psychological aid, Uluchay solves their main problems and helps women to reintegrate and rehabilitate into society. In addition, one of the main support mechanisms for women in business start-up support. Through this mechanism, Uluchay helps women become financially independent and start their own lives.
Uluchay also addresses the problem of women through policy research and conducts various research and analysis on this issue. Uluchay discusses relevant recommendations with stakeholders and provides them to key decision-makers at local and national levels.

Stories of vulnerable women