Youth Empowerment

Youth empowerment is one of the six core priorities of Uluchay. The organization has been working on the development and capacity-building of young people based in regions for more than 15 years. During this period, Uluchay implemented many projects related to awareness raising, leadership, and capacity building of young people.

Uluchay has experienced staff and trainers to address the following training and awareness-raising sessions for young people:

  • Leadership, team building, civic activism, volunteerism, proposal development, communication, gender equality, action planning, budget development, and many others.
  • Business establishment, management, development, marketing, sales, business-plan writing, and others.

Sub-granting to youth organizations and initiative groups

Uluchay is a professional organization providing sub-grants to youth organizations and initiative groups working in regions of Azerbaijan. Uluchay has provided more than 40 sub-grants to youth organizations working on community development, organizing volunteering initiatives, and awareness-raising campaigns.