Youth Business Initiative

funded by the USAID and StatoilHydro

The “Youth Business Initiative”, initiated by Uluchay, financially supported by Eurasia Partnership Foundation, USAID, and StatoilHydro, is a project aimed at Sheki youth and striving to combat these overgrowing problems. It was an eight-month project, starting on October 15th, 2007 until June 2008. The context and goal of the Youth Business Initiative was to educate young people on the basic of business planning, developing and managing the business, and basics of accounting, and marketing, to provide training and technical assistance, as well as to support and give a chance for realization the best, unique and innovative business ideas and plans delivered by youth.

Within the project, different training sessions and seminars were provided by local experts and trainers to nearly 30 youth residing and studying in Sheki on business management and development, marketing and drawing up business plans, the key points for starting a successful business, the essentials of accounting, business announcements and a competition of financing business ideas were announced. 6 business plans were presented to Uluchay organization by youth. 3 business plans were selected by Uluchay, Eurasia Partnership Foundation, TASIC, “AzerDemiryol Bank “ , Association of Entrepreneurs, Department of Youth & Sports ox Executive Committee and Sheki Youth Foundation.

  • Design Studio – the main aim developing of internet Technologies in the Sheki district with creating websites and, providing different polygraph services. The budget of the business plan was $ 2115.
  • Second Hand – the purpose of the project is to create a shop for poor people of Sheki with cheap prices and good quality clothes. The budget was $ 1670.
  • “Mehriban” Girls Cafe – the main aim was to create a place where girls can drink tea, coffee, and rest. The budget was $ 1286.