“Uluchay ” SEIC, as a think tank,  continues its research on social, economic, ecological, and other areas of our region and submits its proposals and recommendations for consideration of relevant state bodies and the public. Although the research topics are broad and varied, specific problems cannot be ignored. One such problem is the negative cases […]

The Law on insurance of real estate of legal and physical entities starting from 2020 is on the agenda. Although the Law on compulsory insurance was approved in 2011, only the insurance of motor vehicles was organized and is already applied. Therefore, since the percentage of penetration in compulsory insurance of vehicles public liability in […]

Azərbaycan Respublikası Konstitusiyasının 61-ci maddəsində hər kəsin yüksək keyfiyyətli hüquqi yardım almaq hüququ, qanunla nəzərdə tutulmuş hallarda hüquqi yardımın ödənişsiz, dövlət hesabına göstərilməsi və hər kəsin səlahiyyətli dövlət orqanı tərəfindən tutulduğu, həbsə alındığı, cinayət törədilməsində ittiham olunduğu andan müdafiəçinin köməyindən istifadə etmək hüququ təsbit edilməklə, həmin hüquqların peşəkar vəkillər tərəfindən həyata keçirilməsi nəzərdə tutulmuşdur. Araşdırmalar […]

Introduction: The primary purpose of the “Citizens Participation” political review paper, prepared by the “Uluchay” Social-Economic Innovation Center, is to provide decision-makers, local government, and state agencies with recommendations and proposals for citizens to participate in decision-making processes actively. Community leaders, non-governmental agencies, and media representatives have closely participated in the preparation of this paper. […]

Hind-sight analysis The primary purpose of this document developed by “Uluchay” Social-Economic Innovative Center is to analyze reforms in the sphere of vocational education and training made in recent years, as well as to promote the perfect world experience by researching problems and perspectives for complex development of Vocational Schools and Centers functioning in the […]

STRATEGIC VISION AND OBJECTIVES Analytical paper presented by “Uluchay” Social-Economic Innovation Center aims at provision of advisory information for institutions responsible for this field by means of analysis of problems regarding strategical goals and aims and development of agritourism in the region. First, it should be noted that there is no perfect and uniform agritourism […]

Summary Divorce in Azerbaijan is still considered very controversial and not approved by many members of the society, especially older, traditionally thinking generations and people living in rural areas. The article touches on a gender-sensitive topic of the position of divorced women in society. Uluchay has conducted research by conducting several interviews with divorced women […]

The rapid advancement of Israeli technology is well known around the world. Some companies, especially the large scale, have realized that continuous development is hard to sustain. They realized that simply enlarging manufacturing scale by importing production lines from developed countries is no longer enough for developing their businesses. Today they seek new hi-tech partners […]

The issues that most hinder the entrepreneurs in Azerbaijan regions have been announced. Research has unveiled the issues disturbing the entrepreneurs in the regions are the activity of non-official competitors, as well as bribes.The results of research that conducted by ‘Uluchay’ Social-Economic Innovation Center on September-November, 2013among 480 entrepreneurs working in various fields are reflected […]