“Uluchay ” SEIC, as a think tank,  continues its research on social, economic, ecological, and other areas of our region and submits its proposals and recommendations for consideration of relevant […]

The Law on insurance of real estate of legal and physical entities starting from 2020 is on the agenda. Although the Law on compulsory insurance was approved in 2011, only […]

Azərbaycan Respublikası Konstitusiyasının 61-ci maddəsində hər kəsin yüksək keyfiyyətli hüquqi yardım almaq hüququ, qanunla nəzərdə tutulmuş hallarda hüquqi yardımın ödənişsiz, dövlət hesabına göstərilməsi və hər kəsin səlahiyyətli dövlət orqanı tərəfindən […]

Introduction: The primary purpose of the “Citizens Participation” political review paper, prepared by the “Uluchay” Social-Economic Innovation Center, is to provide decision-makers, local government, and state agencies with recommendations and […]

Hind-sight analysis The primary purpose of this document developed by “Uluchay” Social-Economic Innovative Center is to analyze reforms in the sphere of vocational education and training made in recent years, […]

STRATEGIC VISION AND OBJECTIVES Analytical paper presented by “Uluchay” Social-Economic Innovation Center aims at provision of advisory information for institutions responsible for this field by means of analysis of problems […]

Summary Divorce in Azerbaijan is still considered very controversial and not approved by many members of the society, especially older, traditionally thinking generations and people living in rural areas. The […]

The rapid advancement of Israeli technology is well known around the world. Some companies, especially the large scale, have realized that continuous development is hard to sustain. They realized that […]

The issues that most hinder the entrepreneurs in Azerbaijan regions have been announced. Research has unveiled the issues disturbing the entrepreneurs in the regions are the activity of non-official competitors, […]